Tableau helps people understand, analyse, visualize, and report data in a simple and very interesting manner. It is one of the best Big Data Analytics tools. Anyone who needs to present data analysis with the best visuals will benefit from it.

This is one of the most demanding certificate (Besides Power BI) courses in Analytics & Visualization. Many people interested in Analytics/ Data Science enrol for this certification.

The best part: It has NO prerequisite and anyone can learn it easily.


What Will I Get?

The course has 37 videos including 3 Capstone Projects in different domains giving you in-depth knowledge and the outcome is a dynamic dashboard.

You will be able to learn the usage of the Tableau tool. You will get access to corporate data sets, understand how the analyst solves problems using data, how can you visualize it and prepare a dashboard report.

Anyone can learn it. There is no prerequisite. It saves a lot of your time. It works faster than Excel. Moreover, it is easier than Excel provided you get all the content step-by-step with various case examples.

You can make visuals very quickly (Just on few clicks) and prepare reports on any kind of data. Like Power BI, it can work on Huge Data sets very easily & certainly smarter than Excel or other similar tools.

As we all know, today it is in huge demand. We at Edu4Sure conduct training for various companies on the same.

Learning Tableau makes you stand out from others and helps you in your current profile or new role.

You can easily learn it. Our trainers have put great efforts into preparing data sets and relevant questions to understand the features of Tableau & its applications. The methods of explanation are quite comprehensive and many corporates have appreciated our content and training methodology.

We are a corporate training company, and we believe time is very important, especially in e-learning. We want our learners to get accurate problems & solutions so that they can review the content later as well and stay confident in using Tableau.

We believe in quick responses to queries. We also make sure the learners are satisfied with the queries so kindly feel free to any query unanswered. We also give our learners a chance to provide us feedback via email/ WhatsApp about a particular scenario and we enhance our content.

Subscription Includes:

In Self-paced prerecorded, the trainer covers all topics and there is no unnecessary stretch on Duration. Moreover, we keep updating content. We remove unrequited content and add new content as per market needs. Duration by Trainer in Self-paced: 4 to 4.5 Hours of High-Quality Video by Trainer.

If you take one-to-one live training then it might take 8 to 10 hours of training including practice during sessions.

Lifetime Access to our LMS + New Videos Free for existing learners. You do not need to pay for Fresh/ Updated Content. Hardly any company provides this service. 

Download your Certificate after the Assessment (60% and above score).

In case you fail the assessment, you can do a reassessment after 24 hours and get the certificate. The certificate will carry a unique code which is used for verification by any other companies. There is NO EXTRA fee for any reassessment.

All certificates are the same. We do not mention if it is self-paced or live. So, you should not worry about it. By default, it shows the date of receiving the certificate & 1-month duration. The validity is a lifetime.

Please note that as we update the content, the cost may vary but if you are an existing learner then you will not be charged anything extra. Those who enrol as early as possible get many benefits. Updated content will be freely added to your existing account and that is the reason, Edu4Sure has various learners who take more than 1 course.

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