Stock Market – Investing for Beginners


Basic Overview

Prerequisites: None.

The trainer has 15+ years of practical experience. The Training is for people who actually want to learn in a practical manner. The trainer has shown actual scenarios and learners do hands-on practice too.

In this particular course, you will get Self-paced access (Pre-recorded sessions for a lifetime) + 1-to-1 Personal Live doubt session of an hour with the trainer.

Note: We have 3 other modules at the Intermediate to Advanced level as well which you can refer to. You can enroll in those courses now or after this course.

Benefits of learning this course

  • Basics and Benefits of various Investment Avenues.
  • Gold: Should you invest? If yes, HOW & WHEN?
  • All about Equities.
  • Why, When, and How to Invest in the Stock Market
  • All about ETFs: A Magical product for starters and working professionals.
  • Finding the right entry points in ‘Good Stocks’.
  • How to select good IPOs.
  • The Deciding Factor for Investments: Asset Allocation.
  • How to invest in Bonds?
  • Government Bonds VS Corporate Bonds: Which ones should you buy?
  • Resources for Investing.
  • Find your risk appetite.

Why Edu4Sure?

  • Step-by-step explanation in a very practical manner.
  • No unnecessary content, Relevant & Work Oriented Content. This training is by a trainer of 15+ years experience. The learners practically apply and get to know how things are done in the stock market.

Subscription includes

5 Hours of High-Quality Video (We do not focus on unnecessary long duration).

Lifetime Access to our LMS + New Updated Content and videos Free for the next 3 years.

Certificate after the Assessment

Once you complete the course, you will automatically get the Certificate here in your account.

All certificates are the same. We do not mention if it is a self-paced or live session. So, you should not worry about it. By default, it shows the date of receiving the certificate. The validity is a lifetime.

Please note that as we update the content, the cost may vary but if you are an existing learner then you will not be charged anything extra. Those who enroll as early as possible get many benefits. Updated content will be freely added to your existing account and that is the reason, Edu4Sure has various learners who take more than 1 course.

For any query, email at or call/WhatsApp at +91- 9555115533.

We wish you great learning & a career.

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