Microsoft PowerPoint


Basic Overview

Presentation skills are very important. Sometimes we are good at oral communication but not making a great PPT. Your message can be best conveyed using the simple skill of making a presentation.

We all use MS Office, and we all know basic understanding and usage. However, there are various simple features that can do wonders in your presentation.

Benefits of learning this course

1. Collaborative Tool: It saves a lot of time and can act as a Collaborative Tool. Tools that provide solutions for working together with your team even if you are in different locations are in high demand. PowerPoint adapted to this situation and with its online cloud storage, you can now work on presentations at the same time, or work on the same presentation without sending it to each other.

2. Impress your Team & Clients: You can make a flow of your presentations in a story format and impress your team and clients with your communication skills.

3. Designing Attractive Visuals: Give your report a visual appeal using various design tools and formats in the PPT.

4. Export in Different Formats: With PowerPoint, you can export your materials in other formats than .pptx. We talked previously about all the types of materials you can create in this software and for them, it offers alternatives for saving your work. 

Presentations can be saved also in .pdf, this will reduce their size, videos can be exported as mp4 and for gifs, there is a specific option to save them as Animated gifs. Of course, there is also the option of saving a slide as .png or .jpg.

5. Many more benefits: Check the course content and you will get many other benefits.

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