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Why Edu4Sure

Edu4Sure constantly works with its trainers to create better content. Edu4Sure courses & other services are reasonable. Edu4Sure helps people understand the course and gives free consulting about their queries. Each trainer is certified and highly experienced in his/her respective domain. If you are one of our certified learners, you may yourself know how good was the training provided & if the content was great? So why don’t you help others in Skill Development?

Share & Earn!

Your role is to get visitors/ leads, our sales team will solve all queries and update you. The model is adopted by various companies especially bootstrapped which have less budget to advertise. You can recommend the courses/ services which you like!

How Does It Work?

You just need to share your referral code with the leads. When someone will use that referral code on the payment page, that will be counted as your conversion. You will immediately get an email for the same and can also check your affiliate dashboard for all the details.

What will you get?

10% of the sales amount.

Key Features

  • Sign up with just INR 1
  • Zero Investment
  • Training Support
  • Marketing Collateral Support
  • Customer Service Support
  • Monthly Payout
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