Finance For Non-Finance


Basic Overview

This course is for those who want to understand Finance but not from the financial domain. Anyone can learn it. There is no pre-requisite. The trainer has used practical examples of required concepts. The content is always designed by a pool of trainers. One of the trainers record the sessions for self-paced learners. Min. experience of each trainer: 15 years.

Key Learnings

  • Commonly used terminologies in Finance.
  • Understand why & how accounts are prepared.
  • Understand what Financial Management is, what are financial statements, and how it is different from Accounting.
  • Usage of Financial Management in Decision Making.
  • Detailed Concepts of Accounting.
  • Understand Financial Ratios and key financial concepts such as EBIT & EBITDA.
  • Able to calculate Net Present Value (NPV).
  • What is financial budgeting?
  • How are Investing decisions undertaken and what are the factors involved?
  • Read and understand the core elements of a P&L (Profit & Loss account), Balance sheet, and Cash flow statement.
  • How does a CFO look at Balance Sheet and P&L?
  • Be able to talk coherently using financial terms, and understand them when people talk to you about them.

Key Benefits of learning this course

  • Get to know about Important Financial Terms and various Financial Concepts in a practical manner.
  • Identify financial-related issues in your organization, and understand the Economic substance of projects you are engaged in to make well-informed decisions.
  • Able to weigh benefits against costs. Understand numbers in the financial statements along with a picture of your organization & competition.
  • Able to be part of Financial Strategy in your organization by having active participation.

Why Edu4Sure?

  • Step-by-step explanation.
  • No unnecessary content, Relevant & Job Oriented Content prepared by Industry professionals (Content is designed by a pool of trainers. Trainers’ experience: min 15 years for this course).
  • Regular updates at NO extra fee.

Subscription includes

7 Hours of High-Quality Video (We do not focus on unnecessary long duration).

Lifetime Access to our LMS + New Updated Content and videos Free for the next 3 years.

Certificate after the Assessment

Once you complete the course, you will automatically get the Certificate here in your account.

All certificates are the same. We do not mention if it is a self-paced or live session. So, you should not worry about it. By default, it shows the date of receiving the certificate. The validity is a lifetime.

Please note that as we update the content, the cost may vary but if you are an existing learner then you will not be charged anything extra. Those who enrol as early as possible get many benefits. Updated content will be freely added to your existing account and that is the reason, Edu4Sure has various learners who take more than 1 course.

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We wish you great learning & a career.

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